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    Easily order mixed pallets from Europe’s best small craft breweries

Are you interested in buying a mixed pallet for your store or bar? We can certainly help you with that! We buy beer from all over Europe and we always have stock of exclusive craft beers. Interested in adding some Dutch or Belgian breweries in to the mix? Let us know which ones and we’ll try to accommodate whatever your wishes are.

We work with several breweries from all over Europe. We import beer from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and Iceland. Because we work with a lot of extremely small breweries, the supply is low and once it’s gone, it’s probably never going to be back in stock again.

We can ship the beer straight to your front door! Do you prefer to arrange shipping yourself? That’s not an issue. The beer can be picked up in Eindhoven.

We use the SAD document for exporting.

Interested? Send us a message using the form below!